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BelizeOnD'Way Driver Policies

  1. All Drivers are expected to attend the training sessions provided by the Belize ON D Way team.

  2. All Drivers are expected to dress in a professional manner, wearing the Belize ON D Way Uniform.  Personal grooming must be maintained at an acceptable manner.

  3. All Drivers are expected to be on time and readily available to work.

  4. All Drivers are expected to have their bikes clean and in an acceptable manner to ensure professionalism at all times when delivering to the customer.

  5. All Drivers are expected to deliver the food using our Belize ON D Way Boxes to ensure proper delivery of the food.  Failure to do so may result in less deliveries being dispatched to them.

  6. All Drivers are expected to represent the company in a responsible way, therefore drivers are not allowed to post any customers information or delivery on Social Media.

  7. All Drivers are also required to avoid posting anything on Social Media that Belize ON D Way would consider inappropriate especially while representing the company.

  8. All Drivers are required to download our app.

  9. All Drivers are expected to have Data on their phones to ensure that they receive the notifications of the orders.

  10. All Drivers are expected to be courteous and respectful to the customers upon delivering the food at all times.

  11. If customer chooses to pay with cash, Drivers are expected to collect and upon collecting up to $150.00 or above, drivers are expected to drop off the cash at the KHM Offices.  On Sundays, drivers are expected to hold the money and deposit the cash between 8 - 9 AM on Monday morning.

  12. Drivers are also expected to carry “small change” to ensure that proper change can be provided to customers who decide to pay with cash.

  13. Drivers are expected to take a photo of the delivery and to ensure that the customer signs after the delivery has been made.  Failure to do so can result in delivery being classified incomplete.

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