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BelizeOnD'Way Order Policies

  1. Customers must sign up via the BelizeOND' Way App.  Please click here to download the app and sign up.

  2. Orders can be placed from one restaurant at a time, to order from multiple restaurants you are required to place different orders.

  3. Orders can be modified when placing the order, these instructions can be placed in the comment box.

  4. Customers must ensure that the right address is entered when placing an order.  If the wrong address is entered please contact us immediately to ensure that we deliver it at the right address.

  5. Customers are not allowed to change their orders once it has been placed.

  6. Customers are able to view the status of their order via the BelizeOND' Way App, if the order is delivered and the customer is not at the delivery point, contact will be made to the customer, if still undelivered after the attempt, the customer will be liable to pay for the order and the delivery.

  7. Customers will be sent an SMS with a link to be able to track their delivery, from pick up to drop off.

  8. All orders incur a standard delivery fee based on your location

  9. All prices listed on the BelizeOnD' Way App are inclusive of all taxes.

  10. Customers have the option to pay for their order via Credit or Debit Card or Cash.

  11. Customers who place their order via the Belize ON D Way App can expect the delivery of their food within 30 to 45 mins of the restaurant accepting the order.

  12. Customers can expect their food to be delivered intact and in a professional manner.

  13. Customers will be asked to rate their service after the delivery of their food has been completed.

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